Battery Innovation at its Best

At Volinergy, we develop and manufacture one of the safest and most powerful batteries in the industry. We believe in the energy transition of tomorrow’s transportation to electric propulsion. To enable this future, we are working with vehicle manufacturers to ensure a safe, powerful and popular product.

High autonomy

Our technology enables a significant 20% increase in range of electric aerial vehicles through our innovative technology.

High lifespan

Our technology increases life by a factor of 4 through improved power management and thermal control.

Highly secure design

Our technology is completely safe in all critical situations such as thermal runaway.

We also help you develop, design, test and certify YOUR OWN BATTERY SYSTEM

Are you looking for domain expertise to complement your team?

Are you looking for an external partner to manufacture some or all of your battery modules?

Is your development project running out of time?

Is your team failing to perform all the required tests?

Are you looking for an outside perspective on your battery system?

Do you need help developing your manufacturing line?

Do you need help ensuring a safe working environment when working with batteries?

If you need help with any of these questions or any other, we should talk!