About Us

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Our Mission

At Volinergy, we believe in a greener and more sustainable future for the aerial transportation industry and to do so, we work with electric aerial vehicles manufacturers of all kinds to propel tomorrow’s vehicle technology today.

To enable this future, we develop battery modules with standard and new cell technologies. Those are safe, user friendly, customizable, low cost, light, and powerful battery modules for the drone and aviation industries.

Our Vision

We want to enable the electrification of the airways by becoming a key company on the design, test and certification of battery modules for the aerial vehicles industry.

To do so, we strive to work with key players in the industry to incorporate our technology into their vehicles to enable them to meet their customers’ needs.

Our Values

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Entrepreneurship because we want every person in the company to bring forward the ideas and the reason for the company’s existence and to recognize themselves in it.


Creativity because we must include new ideas and new ways of doing things to revolutionize the industry. All new ideas are worth analyzing.


Respect because we must respect the people inside and outside the company. However, we must also respect our planet and our society by making sure we are good for them.


Inclusion because all people will be welcomed at Volinergy and they will be able to accomplish themselves in a work environment adapted to all, regardless of their origin, their beliefs, their religion, their ambition and their needs.

Why Working with Us?

We have developed an expertise for several years in developing battery system for many industries. We have operated in the electric aviation, electric buses, electric motorcycle and the energy storage system (ESS) industries. With all that experience, we are a partner of choice to enable the safest and most powerful solution for your battery needs.